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CPR Contracting LLC is more than just a General Contracting Business.

We provide solutions to complex engineering problems so that projects can flow seamlessly from start to finish.

Our corporate headquarters are based in Jacksonville, FL, but we service the entire Southeast region of the United States.


CPR was founded in 2009 with the vision of bringing structures to life while also providing world class service from an independently owned company. CPR currently holds a 7 million single and a 20 million aggregate bonding capacity with Construction Underwriters and is a financially solvent company with an excellent credit rating.  At our core we are a safety driven company with a strong Experience Modification Rate (EMR).    



CPR’s three divisions perform work in the Industrial, Commercial and Transportation sectors.

Our foundation is based on creating synergy with owners and specifiers to determine the root cause of the problem and then provide product and procedure recommendations to ensure long term success.


CPR Contracting’s primary focus is on the restoration, repair, and protection of concrete infrastructure and associated joints and embedded items through its three divisions: Concrete Repair, Waterproofing, and General Construction Services.


CPR has established relationships with engineering firms, architects, managers, and owners and routinely works on projects related to concrete repair, waterproofing and rehabilitation. This experience extends to buildings, bridges, industrial plants,

water and waste water facilities, and parking structures.


We are unique in our experience with the ability and knowledge to routinely perform services in so many different environments, ie: bridges, buildings, mills, plants, and in the public, private, and government sectors.


Our primary duty is to protect the physical integrity of our employees and to do all we can to ensure

that everyone goes home in good health at the end of the working day.


This commitment is reflected in particular through our rules, in-house tools and exemplary behavior.

It is accompanied by an extensive communication and risk awareness program,implemented at all of Freyssinet, Inc.'s locations

including offices and job sites.

"The safe way is the only way"

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